Select the most suitable meaning for the idiom.

1.   Gina thinks Picasso is the bee's knees.  She thinks Picasso is

  a)  an overrated artist
  b)  a strange artist
  c)  a wonderful artist

  2.   If you
make a pig's ear of something you do it

  a)  very noisily
  b)  very badly
  c)  very carefully

  3.   Robbie really
gets my goat.  Robbie really

  a)  annoys me
  b)  makes me laugh
  c)  bores me

There are no flies on Natalie.  Natalie is

  a)  a quick thinker
  b)  always talking
  c)  a jealous person

5.   What's wrong with Patricia?  She's
like a bear with a sore head.  Patricia is

  a)  in a bad mood
  b)  very worried
  c)  always forgetting things

  6.  If someone tells you to
hold your horses they want you to

  a)  move
  b)  wait
  c)  sit

  7.  Jack is not coming to the football game because he
has other fish to fry.  Jack

  a)  has better things to do
  b)  is too tired
  c)  can't afford it

A can of worms is

a)  a stingy person
  b)  an untrue story
  c)  a problematic situation

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