Level:  Intermediate

Complete the sentences with
will ('ll) or going to.

1.  A:  "Hello. I have an appointment with Charlotte King. My name's Rob Taylor."
     B:  "Please have a seat, Mr Taylor.   _______________  Charlotte you're here."  (I / tell)

2.  "If you go out, take an umbrella. _______________ raining any minute now." (It / start)

3.  A:  "_______________ you get the meeting room ready?"  (We / help)
     B:  "Thanks. That would be great."

4.  A: "Max and I are having dinner at the new Indian restaurant. Do you want to join us?"
     B: "Thanks, but I can't.  _______________  the new Harrison Ford movie."  (I / see)

5.  (
The phone is ringing)  _______________  it?  (I / answer)

6.  A: "I've just had a call from Bjorn.  _______________   late. He's stuck in a traffic jam."  (He / be)

7.  A: "Why are you turning on the TV?"
     B: " _______________  the next host of the Olympic Games."  (They / announce)

8.  A:  "I think there's a mistake on one of the slides in your presentation."
     B:  "Really? Ok,  _______________ . Which one?"  (I / have a look)

9.  "_______________  at the travel agents' on the way home. _______________  you some holiday
  brochures?  (I / call in*; I / get)

10. A:  "Is Paula feeling better?"
      B:  "No, but she's phoned the doctor and  _______________  him at 4 o'clock." (she / see)

* call in = visit a place or person for a short time, usually while you are going somewhere else.


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