Add the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1.  James offered _______________ Ben a lift to the airport.

2.  Would you mind _______________  back in about twenty minutes? I'm in the middle of a meeting.

3.  It's not worth _______________  to the meeting now. It's almost over. 

4.  They arranged _______________  at a hotel near the aiport rather than in the city centre.

5.  We've decided _______________  some more staff for the summer season.

6.  Nicolette can't help _______________  that the project is going to be a complete disaster.

7.   Stewart refused _______________  the terms of his new contract.

8.  Do you fancy _______________  us for dinner tonight?

9.  The company plans _______________  twenty new stores across the United States this summer.

10.  "Have you managed _______________  at the proposal yet?"  - "Sorry, I've been really busy. I promise _______________  it tonight though."  (look at;  read)


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