Put the verbs into the past simple and then the present perfect.

He teaches politics at the university -   He taught / He has taught politics at the university
Does she hear the good news?  -
Did she hearHas she heard the good news?

1.  We pay in advance
2.  I find several mistakes in the invoice.
3.  Do we send out the new brochure?
4.  We don't have much success at the trade fair.
5.  Consumer spending rises.
6.  We choose the new design.
7.  The bank lends us $75,000.
8.  He rings to congratulate us on winning the contract.
9.  Do we spend all the advertising budget?
10.  Their shares fall sharply.
11.  Does his mistake cost the company a lot of money?
12.  He doesn't bring his laptop with him.
13.  We beat last year's sales figures.
14.  The journey takes three hours.
15.  Cycling to work becomes very popular.
16.  The students seek advice from a careers advisor.
17.  I don't tell him to take the day off.
18.  The final episode of the medical drama draws a huge audience.
19.  They don't fight very hard to keep the company afloat.
20.  We run out of good ideas.
21.  She puts the sensitive reports in the shredder.
22.  He swears never to use that supplier again.
23.  I split the presentation into three parts.
24.  They don't build the new business park.
25.  She doesn't fly to Los Angeles.
26.  Does he always feel optimistic about the company's future?
27.  We hold an urgent meeting.
28.  Do they buy a stake in the company?


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Confusing Words:
Ex 1; Ex 2
Word Formation:
Ex 1; Ex 2
Adjective Synonyms:
Ex 1; Ex 2
Verb Synonyms:
Ex 1; Ex 2
Noun Synonyms: Ex 1