Fill the gaps with the correct form of the verb.

1. Could you check this client's phone number for me? I _________________ (try) to contact her all day but

there's no answer.  Maybe I _________________  (ring) the wrong number.

2.  _________________  (the boss / decide) yet which logo we are going to use?

3.  I had no idea that you and Gregory were friends. How long _________________  (know) him?

4.  A: "You look exhausted! _________________  (you / have) a busy week?"    B:  "Yes, I _________________ 

(organise)  the presentation for the launch of a new product. I'll be so glad when it's finished!"

5. Right, we'll start the meeting in a few minutes. _________________  (everyone / switch off) their mobile phones?

6.  A: "How long _________________  (Lydia / work) as a wedding planner?"  -    B:  "She only started

two months go but she _________________  (oversee) over twenty functions already." 

7.  A:  "What's the latest on our  new computer game?"  -  B:  "Well, it _________________  (do) extremely well. We

_________________  (already /  sell) over 80,000 copies this month."

8. A:   "Are you going to the Snow Patrol concert?" - B: "I'd really like to, but I _________________  (not / manage) to buy

the tickets yet as I _________________  (be) so busy."

9.  _________________  (you / finish) with the newspaper yet?   I'd like to read it.

10.  Where on earth _________________  (you /be)? I _________________  (wait) here for over an hour!  The CEO

_________________   (begin) his speech!


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