Fill the gaps with the correct form of the verb.

1. John __________________ (look after) Alexandra's clients while she __________________  (be) on maternity leave.

2.  "On your CV it __________________  (say) that you __________________  (speak) some Chinese."

  -  "Yes, in fact, I __________________  (currently / take) private classes. I __________________  (think) Chinese is

going  to be a very useful languge in our sector."

3.  Our client __________________  (be) very stubborn at the moment. He __________________  (not / want) to accept

our conditions. It's strange because he __________________  (usually / be) so reasonable.

4.  Where __________________  (your company / hold) its AGM this year?

5.  "What language __________________  (that man / speak) at the reception desk?"

- "It __________________  (sound) like Portuguese to me."

6.  I __________________  (have to) speak to Doug urgently but he __________________  (not / answer) his phone.

7.  "They __________________  (have) the meeting this Thursday at 3pm.  Will you be able to attend?"

  -  "No, I'm afraid not. I  __________________  (go) to a conference in Amsterdam."

8.  Ray __________________  (always / drive) to work but this week he __________________  (take) the train as his

daughter __________________  (borrow) his car.

9.  Which logo __________________  (you / prefer)?  Sorry but I __________________  (not / like) either of them.

10.  Our children really __________________  (love) surfing. They __________________  (spend) every weekend at the

beach. In fact we __________________   (look at) buying a small holiday home on the coast. Jaco Beach

__________________   (look) very nice.


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