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Exercise 1

1.  Everything went very smoothly at today's presentation, __________?

2.  Everyone's on board, __________?

3.  There's no alternative, __________?

4.  Nobody's seen a cash machine round here, __________?

5.  There has been a great response to our advertising campaign, __________?

6.  Let's arrange a meeting for next Thursday, __________?

7.  I'm having lunch with their CEO tomorrow, __________?

8.  These new sales figures are hardly promising, __________?

9.  There was an awful lot of traffic this morning, __________?

10.  Nothing can go wrong now, __________?

Exercise 2

1.  Somebody will be able to fix this, __________?

2.  Alfred's never been responsible for such a huge project, __________?

3.  I'm getting paid for this, __________?

4.  There's no point in calling Monica now, __________? She'll have already gone home.

5.  I don't suppose anybody knows what time it is in Melbourne right now, __________?

6.  Hardly any progress was made at the meeting, __________?

7.  Let's go for a coffee, __________?

8.  Somebody left me a parcel at reception, __________?

9.  Emma used to work for a bank, __________?

10. Nobody is very optimistic about the company's future, __________?


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