Fill the gaps with a suitable preposition.

1.  Gabriel is used __________ dealing with difficult customers.

2.  Steven is annoyed __________  the changes that were made to the report.

3.  We're annoyed __________  them for taking so long to call us back.

4.  They started to get the room ready __________  the presentation.

5.  Laura is responsible __________  the company's advertising budget.

6.  We intend to use the same caterers __________  last time.  We were very pleased __________  the service they provided.

7.  Most of the staff are opposed __________  the relocation of the company.

8.  The Swiss company is famous __________  its luxury watches.

9.  We're so excited __________  Adrian joining our advertising team. He's full __________   creative ideas.

10. His plans for the new company building are very different __________  ours.

11.  That company is seriously lacking __________  business sense.

12.  Elliot is very keen __________  working in the finance industry.

13.  The boss is really proud __________   the company's brand new website.

14.  You were right __________  the need to change our company logo. It looked very old-fashioned.

15.  I'm very happy __________  Elliot. He really deserves his promotion.

16.  Could you check this translation for me? You're really good __________  Spanish.

17.  Is the new software compatible __________  our computers?

18.  The owners are definitely not interested __________  selling the company.

19.  I'm tired __________  doing the same job, day in day out.

20.  Many consumers say it's very important __________  companies to be socially responsible.

21. Is he aware __________  all the problems he has caused?


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