Fill the gaps with these prepositions:  at,  in,  on

1.  Our offices are _______  112 Duke Street.

2.  The boss wants the report _______  his desk by the end of the day.

3.  Ian isn't _______  work today. He's _______  home with the flu.

4.  I found the article on mobile phone etiquette _______  a magazine.

5.  I found the article on management styles ________  the Internet.

6.  The conference will take place _______  the Four Seasons Hotel _______  San Francisco.

7. Pippa always reads the newspaper _______  the train to work.

8.  The journey takes a long time as the train stops _______  every single station.

9.  Ed's hearing is not very good so he likes to sit _______  the front row _______  presentations.

11. You will find a bibliography _______  the end of the document.

12.  There's a wonderful exhibition _______  the Natural History Museum this summer.

13.  Frank's office is _______  the ninth floor. When you come out of the lift it is  _______  your left.

14. We waited for our colleagues _______  the hotel lobby.

15.  Although many like to spend their summer holidays _______  the coast, we prefer to spend them _______  the mountains.

16.  Oh dear, there aren't any vegetarian dishes _______  the menu.

17.  We spent the whole week _______  the trade fair.

18.  Sorry I'm late. I got stuck __________ a traffic jam _________ the M1 (motorway).

19.  John's photo is _______   the front cover of Newsweek. You'll find the interview with him _______  page 45.

20.  Please write your name your name _______   the top of every page.

21.  The sign  ______  the door clearly says "No smoking".

22.  Boris met his girlfriend ______  a charity event.

23.  Did you manage to get any work done _______  the plane?

24.  We're buying a cottage _______  a tiny village _______  southern France.

25. Any idea what's _________ TV tonight?


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