Exercise 1.

Fill the gaps with these phrasal verbs in the correct form.

back up,  carry out,  come up,  get on,  keep up with,  lay off,  put back,  run out of, sort out, take on

1.  Thanks to the Internet millions of people are finding it far easier to ____________ current events.

2.  I''ll be away on 14th June. Could we  ____________ the meeting ____________  to the 17th?

3.  How are you ____________  with that report? Have you almost finished?

4.  Business is booming! Next month we are ____________  twenty new staff.

5.  I've asked my PA (=personal assistant) to ____________  the travel arrangements for our trip to India. She'll have it all organised in no time.

6.  Sales have been so poor this year that we will have to ____________  some of our staff.

7.  The printer is  ____________  toner. I'll get a new cartridge from the stationery cupboard.

8.  Last year the company ____________  a survey to find out how much money families spend on eating out and leisure activities.

9. You should ____________   these files regularly as they contain very valuable data.

10. I'm afraid I can't come to my English lesson, something has ____________  and I'll have to work late.

Exercise 2.

Fill the gaps with these phrasal verbs in the correct form.

branch out, break into, carry on, close down, look forward to, note down, step down, take off, take up, weigh up

1. "Do you have a pen on you? I need to ____________   an address".

2. Due to the recession many shops in our high street have been forced to ____________ . They are all boarded up.

3.  Thanks to a clever advertising campaign sales of the new soft drink have really ____________  .

4. We don't sell many of our products in Asia yet. However, we plan to really ____________  that market by the end of next year.

5. Sorry I didn't ring you back back yesterday but my meeting ____________  the whole afternoon.

6.  "Are you nervous about doing the presentation?" - "Not at all! In fact I'm really ____________ it!

7.  Before starting your own business it's wise to carefully ____________  the pros and cons.

8.  The clothing company wants to expand its business so it is going to ____________   into maternity wear. It will launch its new line in the autumn.

9.  Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your meeting. Please ____________  .

10. Marjorie no longer enjoys her position as managing director so she intends to ____________   at the end of the year.


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