These exercises were designed with Spanish speakers in mind, that is, they contain errors that Spanish students typically make in English.

Find the grammatical mistake in each line and correct it.

Exercise 1

1.  I arrived to the station at eight o'clock.
2.  She has twenty years old.
3.  What means "charming"?
4.  After work I went to home.
5.  The most of people like going to the cinema.
6.  It depends of the weather.
7.  I went to the supermarket for to get some milk.
8.  I really love listening music.
9.  Are you agree with me?
10.  Joanna's a good friend of me.
11.  She likes very much football.
12.  I do my English homeworks every week.
13.  I've never been in New York.
14.  We were twenty at the party.
15.  I'm thinking of to move to London.
16.  "It's very hot in here" - "Ok, I open the window."
17.  It's the car of my sister-in-law.
18.  He's got much money.
19. I want that you come to my party.
20.  I didn't buy the dress because it was too much expensive.

Exercise 2

1.  She gave us some information very useful.
2.  He has been in London since four days.
3.  Victor is not Spanish. Is from Mexico.
4.  The important is to do your best.
5.  We study English since 2007.
6.  I've been to Morocco two times.
7.  She's been married during ten years.
8.  How long time are you staying in London for?

9.  My brother he is a doctor.
10.  He said me that his name was Brad.
11.  Who did write "War and Peace"?
12.  She has gone to the bank five minutes ago.
13.  Shush! I'm talking by the phone!
14.  He gave me a good advice about learning English.
15.  I turn on the light? (offer)
16.  I phoned Michelle yesterday night.
17.  She goes every day to the gym.
18.  I didn't see nobody in the park.
19.  Do you know where is the petrol station?
20.  What did David say you?


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