Complete the sentences using the correct form of do, make, have, or get.

Exercise 1

1. Does your grandmother __________ short curly hair and glasses?
  2.  Gemma and Gerald are __________ married this summer.

  3.  I'm sorry but I couldn't __________ my homework as I didn't __________ time.

  4.  We left the park as it was starting to __________ dark.

  5.  The neighbours complained that we were __________ too much noise.

  6. A:  "We're off to the beach."     B:   "__________ fun!"

  7.  We bought a map of the city so that we wouldn't __________ lost.

  8.  It __________ Charles angry when people say they don't believe in global warming.

  9.  I didn't know anything about the artist Gustav Klimt so I __________  some research on the internet.

  10.  Let's __________  a quick swim before lunch, shall we?

Exercise 2

  1.  He doesn't know how to use Powerpoint so he's going to __________ a course.

  2.  Could I __________ a quick phone call?

  3.  I'm feeling rather sleepy so I'm going to __________  a little snooze.

  4.  When I __________ to the station the train had already left.

  5.  It can __________ very hot in New York in the summer.

6.  I couldn't __________  up my mind which film to see. They both looked really good.

  7.  Although she __________ a lot of mistakes in the exam she still passed.

  8.  The company is __________ very badly so they will probably have to __________ some people redundant.

  9.  You'll __________ cold if you don't put on a coat.

  10.  She wanted to find out more about the film so she __________ a look on the Internet.


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