Fill the gaps with the correct form of
make or do.  

1.  The neighbours were __________ so much noise that we couldn't sleep.

2.  OK, in your case I suppose I can  __________ an exception.

3.  Could you __________ me a favour and buy me a newspaper?

4.  "Do you know you were __________ over 200km/h?" said the policeman.

5.  Would you excuse me, I need __________ a phone call.

6.  I would love to help but I've got a pile of work __________ .

7.   Her company has __________ an enormous profit this year.

8.   Did you __________ any horseriding when you were on holiday?

9.   I love __________ absolutely nothing!

10.  When I was young I used to enjoy __________ model aeroplanes.

11.  ___________ me an offer I can't refuse!

12.  George was __________ the dishes when there was a knock at the front door.


Make or Do? (2)
MAKE or DO? (1)
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