Choose the correct phrasal verb in italics.

Exercise 1.

1.   I couldn't bear to speak to Jeff any longer so I hung out / hung over / hung up the phone.

2.   Alan was telling everyone at the party about all the famous people he knows. I told him to stop
putting off / showing off / wearing off .

3.   We waited for Stewart for half an hour but he didn't
end up / put up / turn up.

4.   I
bumped into / looked up to / showed up Debra yesterday at the bank.  What a surprise!  I didn't know she was back in town.

5.   Scotland's a beautiful country.  Don't let the weather
put you down / off / out taking a holiday there.

6.   We have to write an essay on the Spanish Civil War so I'm going to
look up / see off / watch out some information on it in the encyclopaedia.

7.   The meeting has been
called off / kicked off / told off  because three members of staff have come down with / come into / come up with flu.

Exercise 2.

1.   The politician's speech
went away / went on / went with for so long and was so tedious that people were getting drowsy and nodding off / sleeping in / waking up.

2.  That bright orange top doesn't
get along with / get on with / go with those red trousers. Why don't you pick on / put on / take on that lovely black shirt of yours instead?

3.  That chicken you have in the fridge smells a bit strange.  I think it's
broken down / gone off / run out.

4.  Sadly by the time the firefighters were able to
put out / scare off / turn off the fire much of the building had already been destroyed.

5. Ewan was
spoken up / talked into / told off by his teacher for not doing his homework.

6. Kristen is keen to get fit so she's decided to
call up / catch up / take up swimming and Pilates.

7.  The acronym WWW
calls for / stands for / stands up to World Wide Web.


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