Exercise 1.

Fill the gaps with the following verbs (in the correct form) and the particle 'DOWN':

   close /  cool  /  let  /  play  /  take

1.   Nick promised to drive me to the airport but now he says he can't.  It's not the first time he has ________  me  ________ .  He's so unreliable!

2. The soup is piping hot.  Let it ________ down a bit before you start eating.

3.   You can't put posters on this wall.  ________ them ________ , please.

4.  The little grocery shop on the corner is ________  ________ .  It just can't compete any more with the big supermarkets.

5.  Some say the government is ________  _______  the threat of an epidemic because they don't want to alarm people.

  Exercise 2.

Now do the same with these verbs:

back  /  hand  /  knock  /  slow  /  turn

1.  They offered Anya the job but she _________  it  _________ because the pay was far too low.

2.  They are using bulldozers to ________  ________ the dilapidated building and then they will build a college in its place.

3.  Carole's gold necklace is a family heirloom.  It used to belong to her great grandmother. One day she will ________ it  ________ to her granddaughter.

4.  You should ________  ________ .  You're driving way above the speed limit.

5.  The workers are demanding a seven per cent pay rise but the boss will only offer them three per cent.  As he refuses to ________  ________  the workers have decided to strike.

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