Study tip:  Remember that a good knowledge of phrasal verbs (or multi-word verbs) is vital. Dedicate a small amount of time each week to them, so that you gradually build up (=expand) your vocabulary bank. In this way it won't feel like such a chore. Phrasal verbs are widely used in conversation so make a note of phrasal verbs you hear when native English speakers are chatting or the phrasal verbs you come across (=find) when you read English newspapers. Watch plenty of films with the subtitles in English. It's also a very good idea to do phrasal verbs exercises regularly.

However, don't worry if it's hard to use many of them when speaking.  This is one of the most difficult areas of English to master. So you need tons of patience!  If you work on them consistently you will recognise them more and more when you hear people use them. This will give you much greater confidence, and soon you'll find you have better listening, writing and reading skills. Then, with time, you will gradually increase the number of phrasal verbs you use in conversation.

Why waste time? Start reviewing and extending your knowledge of phrasal verbs now with this exercise and
others. ; )

Exercise 1.

Fill the gaps with the following phrasal verbs (in the correct form!).

   go ahead   go away   go down with   go into   go under

1.   After graduating from university Maria decided to ____________ politics.

2.  Running a restaurant is a very tough business and sadly many ____________ in the first year. 

3.   The man at the bar was pestering me so I told him to ____________.

4.  The university canteen was temporarily shut down when twelve students ___________ food poisoning.

5.  The wedding is __________ despite the fact the bridegroom's mother is ill in hospital.

  Exercise 2.

Fill the gaps with the following phrasal verbs.

go ahead   go off   go off   go out   go through

1.  Fran used to enjoy war films but since serving in the army he has _____________ them.

2.  The building of a new terminal at the airport will ____________ despite huge opposition from local residents.

3.  Maggie was late for work this morning because her alarm clock didn't _____________ .

4.  Julie and Nick have been ____________ for eight years and plan to get married in the autumn.

5.  The security guards ____________ our bags before we went into the football stadium.


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