Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs above..

1.   The music in the disco was so loud that I couldn't ________  ________ what my friends were saying.

2.   The film star ________  ________ a huge bill at the plush hotel where he stayed for a month.

3.   Oliver _______  ________ from home when he was just fourteen and he has been living on the streets ever since.

4.  Sam has been ill lately and so he has missed a lot of classes.  His teachers have told him he'll need to work very hard to ________  ________  ________ all the lost time.

5.   Paul and Ingrid are expecting a baby so they're going to have to ________  their studio ________a nursery.

6.   Do you really believe Rachel's story about the time she met Brad Pitt?  I bet she ________ it all ________ !

7.   Can you lend me a pen?  Mine has ________  ________  ________ ink.

8.   The other day I ________  ________  an old friend of mine.  What a surprise!  I hadn't seen him for ages.

9. Jack's in hospital with a few broken ribs.  He ________  his motorbike ________  a tree last night.

10.  Robbers broke into the jewellery store on the high street during the night.  They ________  ________  ________ items worth several thousands of pounds.


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