Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs above.

1. It's pretty cold outside so you should ________  your coat ________ .

2.   Could you ________ me ________ to extension 755, please?

3.   The restaurant was so smoky it ________ me ________ my food.

4.   Quite a few people have flu at the moment so we've decided to ________  the party ________  until next weekend.

5.  It's a little dark in here.  Would you mind ________ ________ the light?

6.   Frank was found guilty of murder and they ________ him ________ for life.

7.   If you live in the city centre you have to ________  ________  ________ more noise and pollution.

8.   We had to ________  _________  500 Euros as a deposit for our holiday to Kenya.

9.   When you've finished with the dictionary please ________ it _______ on the shelf.

10.  The fire was so intense that it took the firefighters many hours to ________ it ________ .


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