Complete the sentences with the verbs given (in the correct form) and the particle 'UP'.

be, grow, hang, look, make, pick, save, stay, take, turn

1.   Flights to New Zealand are very expensive so we'll have to __________ .

2.   You look really sleepy.  Did you __________ late last night?

3.   We waited for Michael for half an hour but he didn't __________ .

4.   "Time __________ " the teacher said.  "Stop writing and give your exam sheets to me."

5.   Is that story true or did you just _______ it ______ ?

6.   If you're in town please will you __________ my suit from the drycleaner's?

7.   James was born in Wales but he ___________ in Scotland.

8.   The caller __________ before I could ask his name.

9.  I didn't understand the word so I ________ it ________ in the dictionary.

10.  When Holly retires she's going to __________ tennis again.


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