PREPOSITIONS: Love and Relationships

Write in the correct preposition. Sometimes no preposition is needed !  (-)

1.  Anthony is __________ love __________ Gisele and he wants to marry __________ her.

2.  Ben really likes Denise but personally I don't know what he sees __________  her.

3.  Do you believe in love __________  first sight?

4.  Rachel's got a crush __________  her chemistry teacher.

5.  Martin is engaged __________   a lovely girl he met on a dating website.

6.  Matt is always flirting __________  Maxine.

7.  Olivia really fancies __________  Steve.

8.  They say there's a thin line __________ love and hate.

9.  Kelly broke up __________ James when she found out he had been cheating __________  her.

10.  Emma is married __________  a well-known journalist.

11.  Philip only has eyes __________   his girlfriend.

12.  Lizzie is very fond __________  Giovanni. Sadly Giovanni is very keen __________   Sarah.


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