Fill the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

  1.  "How long ____________________ (it / snow)?"  -  "Since late last night. I wonder when it will stop."

  2.  "You ____________________  (read) that book for ages.  ___________________  (you / not finish) it yet?"

  3.  I have to top up my mobile phone again. I ____________________  (already / run out) of credit.

  4.  Sandra loves Bon Jovi. She ____________________ (see) them in concert more times than she can remember.

  5.  Our local football club is on fine form. They ____________________ (win) every match so far this season.

  6.  Patrick is starving. It's eleven already and he ____________________ (still / not have) breakfast. He

     ____________________ (try) to finish a project for university.

  7.   This is the first time we ____________________ (eat) at this restaurant. We ____________________ (mean) to

    come here for a while but it was difficult to get a reservation.

  8.  Emma's got a bad headache. The builders in the apartment next door ____________________ (bang) and   

     ____________________ (drill) for hours.

  9.  Oh no, I ____________________ (leave) my sports kit at home!  I'm going to run home and get it.

  10.  The actors want a break. They ____________________ (rehearse) "Hamlet" all morning.


Present Simple or Continuous
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Third Conditional
Second Conditional
First Conditional

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