Present Simple or Present Continuous?
Exercise 1

Fill the gaps with either the present simple or the present continuous.

1.   Come and look out the window!  It _______________ (snow)!

2.   "How often _______________ (he/visit) the dentist?"   - 
"Twice a year."

3.   We _______________ (usually/go) to Cyprus for our holidays, but this year we _______________ (go) to Croatia.

4.   "What _______________  (you/do)?" 
-  "I'm a vet."

5.   Katie _______________ (play) tennis every Thursday afternoon.

6.   Would you like a cigarette?

-   "No, thanks.  I _______________ (not/smoke)."

7.   I have to go.  It ______________ (get) late.

8.   That beautiful villa which overlooks the sea ________________  (belong) to the town´s mayoress.

9.   This coffee _______________ (taste) awful!

10.   What book ________________ (you/read) at the moment?
Exercise 2

1.   _______________ (you/remember) that time we missed our plane and we had to stay in that dreadful hotel?

2.  " _______________ (you/enjoy) the party? " 
-  "Yes, I _______________ (have) a great time!"

3.   What _______________ (you/think) of David Beckham?

4.   Karen _______________ (look) sad.  I wonder what she _______________ (think) about.

5.   _______________ (he/prefer) tea or coffee?

6.   ________________ (you/believe) me?  I _____________ (tell) the truth, I ___________ (promise).

7.  What _____________ (Jamie/cook)?  It ______________ (smell) absolutely delicious!

8.   I ______________ (stay) with some friends until I find a flat.

9.   Don't turn off the TV!  I ____________ (still/watch) it!

10.   "What ____________ (George/do)?" 
-  "He's an actor."


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