Underline the correct word

Exercise 1:

1.  It rained very heavy / heavily during the night.

2.  We were all shocked by our boss's
sudden / suddenly resignation.

3.  Please drive
careful / carefully.  The roads may be icy.

4.  I couldn't come to the party as I wasn't very
good / well.

5.  Gisele's English is very
good / well. She speaks German good / well too.

6.  The coach was furious.  He had never seen his team play so
bad / badly.

7.  I'm going to put on a sweater. It's getting
cold /coldly.

Exercise 2:

1.  Did you stay up
late / lately?  You look very sleepy / sleepily.

2.  The pupils have been studying
hard / hardly for their summer exams.

3.  What's the matter with Paul?  He seems
angry / angrily.

4.  We
real / really enjoyed the play.  It was a very clever / cleverly script.

5.  The interview was
surprising / surprisingly long and the interviewee was amazing / amazingly open.

6.  Patrick was fined
heavy / heavily for driving too fast / fastly down the motorway.

7.  Although the exam was tough,
hard / hardly anyone failed.


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