Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

Exercise 1:

1.  If the plane _______________
(arrive) late, we _______________ (miss) our connecting flight.

2.  I _______________
(teach) you some English, if you _______________(teach) me a bit of French.

3.  Lily _______________
(not forgive) Jack, if he _______________ (forget) their wedding anniversary again.

4.  If you _______________
(wash up), I _______________(dry) the dishes.

5.  If you _______________
(not wear) a tie, they _______________(not let) you in to the restaurant.

6.  Our football team _______________
(relegate), if they _______________(beat) on Saturday.    (Careful!)


Exercise 2:

1.  If you _______________
(want), I _______________ (fetch) the children from school this afternoon.

2.  If I _______________
(see) Natalie, I _______________ (tell) her you were looking for her.

3.  The phone company _______________
(cut) us off, if we _______________(not pay) the bill.

4.  It's freezing outside.  If the kids _______________
(not wear) a coat, they _______________(catch) cold.

5.  If Harry _______________
(catch) cheating again in his exams, he _______________(expel).    (Careful!)

6.  We _______________
(hold) the party out in the garden, if it _______________(stay) fine.


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Common Mistakes

Example:  Oscar
will move to Madrid, if he gets the job.
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