Exercise 1.

Write the verbs in brackets in the correct form:

1.  If it (stop) raining, we (take) the kids to the park.

2.  I (be) very surprised, if Gary (come) to the party.

3.  She (enjoy) cooking much more, if she (have) a bigger kitchen.

4.  If they (have) more time, they (take up) horseriding.

5.  If we (employ) any more staff, we (need) a larger office.

6.  Michael (buy) the restaurant, if the bank (give) him a loan.

7.  If I (be) you, I (give up) smoking.

8.  If we (paint) the walls and (put up) curtains, the flat (look) much cosier. 
Example:  If I were President, I would do more to help the homeless.
Exercise 2.

Write the verbs in brackets in the correct form:

1.  If you (move) to Australia, I (miss) you very much.

2.  It (be) quicker, if you (use) a computer to write the report.

3.  If you (find) a wallet in the street, you (hand) it in to the police?

4.  If he (apologise) for his behaviour, they (forgive) him.

5.  I'm sure your boss (understand), if you (tell) him that you can't finish the report.

6.  If you (take up) a new hobby, you (not feel) so bored.

7.  Your English (improve), if you (read) more.

8.  My sister (be) furious, if I (borrow) her new jacket without asking her first.


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