Exercise 1.

Choose the correct verb forms:

1.   If Phil (practise) more, he (pass) his piano exam.

2.  If Maria (not pass) her exams, she (not be able to) go to university.

3.  I (send) you a postcard, if I (not forget) my address book.

4.  If he (remember) to switch off his mobile, they (not throw) him out of the cinema.

5.  Joseph (apply for) the job, if he (think) he had any chance of getting it.

6.  Carolina (not miss) her plane, if she (take) the train to the airport instead of a taxi.

7.  (you/accept) the job, if they (offer) you more money?

8.  We (enjoy) our holiday more, if we (not lose) our passports.
Example:  If I had known it was your birthday, I would have bought you a present.
Exercise 2.

Choose the correct verb forms:

1.  If you (take) the other route, you (avoid) the traffic jam.

2.  I (phone) Nick, if I (have) his phone number on me.

3.  We (finish) painting the fence, if it (not start) raining.

4.  If you (tell) him, I'm sure he (understand).

5.  If the plane (be delayed) just another hour, we (miss) our connecting flight.

6.  You (be able to) afford a new car, if you (not spend) so much money on holiday.

7.  If Bill (not be) such a workaholic, his wife (not leave) him.

8.  If I (ask) you, (you/lend) me the money?


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