Fill the gaps with either -ed or -ing.

  Exercise 1:

  1.  We were frighten____  that the river would overflow.

  2.  It was a very frighten____ experience.

  3.  They lost the match.  How disappoint____ !

  4.  We were so disappoint____ about missing the wedding.

  5.  We got bor____ at the party so we left.

  6.  Claudia finds cricket really bor____ .

  7.  It was an absolutely thrill____ football match.

  8.  Gwen was thrill____ with her exam results.

Exercise 2:

  1.  His behaviour is really infuriat____ .

  2.  Alicia finds yoga very relax____ .

  3.  Were you surpris____ Tony got the job?

  4.  It's annoy____ when somebody interrupts you all the time.

  5.  I was feeling rather tir____ so I had a nap.

  6.  The climb to the top of the hill was exhaust____!

  7.  I don't understand this maths question.  I'm very confus____ .

  8.  Are you interest____ in coming to Japan with us?


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