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Adjective + Preposition: Exercise 1Exercise 2;
Adjective Order Before Nouns:
Exercise 1;
Adjectives: -ed and -ing endings (bored or boring?):
Exercise 1;
Adverb or Adjective?:
Exercise 1;
Article, definite:
Exercise 1; Exercise 2;
Common Mistakes (particularly among Spanish speaking learners)  (One of our most popular exercises!!)
Countable and Uncountable Nouns:
Exercise 1;
Do or Make?:
Exercise 1; Exercise 2;
Do, Make, Have, Get:
Exercise 1
For / Since / Until:
Exercise 1;
Gerund or Infinitive?: 
Exercise 1; Exercise 2; Exercise 3;
Exercise 5
Gerund or Infinitive - Special Cases:
Exercise 4 (Verbs with a change of  meaning, eg. remember, stop, etc)
Had better:
Exercise 1
Have something done:
Exercise 1;
Linking Expressions: 
Exercise 1
Must have done, can't have done, needn't have done:
Exercise 1
Nouns, Spelling of Plurals:
Exercise 1
Numbers and Dates
Exercise 1
Phrasal Verbs
Possessives and Reflexives (my, mine or myself?):
Exercise 1
Prepositions (Time):
Exercise 1; Prepositions (At, On, In): Exercise 1; Prepositions (Likes and Dislikes)
Prepositions (
Love and Relationships);  Prepositions (Cinema)
Question Tags, Basic: 
Exercise 1; Question Tags, Advanced: Exercise 1, Exercise 2
Reflexive and Reciprocal Pronouns (myself, yourself... / each other):
Exercise 1
Relative Pronouns:
Exercise 1
Say or Tell?
Exercise 1
So or Such or Such a/an?: 
Exercise 1
Some or Any:
Verb + Object + Infinitive: 
Exercise 1; Exercise 2
Verb + Preposition:  Exercise 1; Exercise 2

Future Perfect:  Exercise 1
Future Continuous: 
Exercise 1
First Conditional: 
Exercise 1;   Second Conditional:  Exercise 1;
Third Conditional: 
Exercise 1, Exercise 2
Verb Drills (Conjugation Exercises to help you master verb forms)
Present Simple or Present Continuous?:  Exercise 1
Present Perfect or Past Simple?: 
Exercise 1; Exercise 2
Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous?:  Exercise 1
The Passive:
Exercise 1; Exercise 2
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For some extra help you might like to consult these when doing some of the exercises:

Verb Patterns Table (verbs + gerund or + infinitive, etc)
Irregular Verb Charts