TEST your English 1

  Which is the correct sentence in each pair?

  1a)  How much bread did you buy? 
  1b)  How many bread did you buy?

  2a)  What means "audition"? 
  2b)  What does "audition" mean?

  3a)  Who's bag is this?
  3b)  Whose bag is this?

  4a)  She speaks portuguese.
  4b)  She speaks Portuguese.

  5a)  Have you ever been to Moscow?
  5b)  Have you ever gone to Moscow?

  6a)  I didn't see anybody.
  6b)  I didn't see nobody.

  7a)  I am not agree with you.
  7b)  I don't agree with you.

  8a)  When were you born?
  8b)  When did you born?

  9a)  He phoned to his Dad this morning.
  9b)  He phoned his Dad this morning.

  10a)  Learn languages is fun.
  10b)  Learning languages is fun.


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