TEST your English 7

  Match these verbs with a synonym from the box.

  1.  bring up (a child)

  2.  buy

  3.  cheat

  4.  connect

  5.  hug

  6.  obstruct

  7.  risk

  8.  show

  Now do the same again.

  9.  anger

  10.  approve

  11.  exchange

  12.  fascinate

  13.  intimidate

  14.  manage

  15.  supply

  16.  visit


Other exercises on verbs:  Synonym Match, Odd One Out (1), Odd One Out (2)
block    deceive   
embrace    jeopardize    join   
purchase    raise    reveal
bewitch    bully   
drop in    endorse   infuriate
provide    run    swap
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