I decided to look for a new job.
He enjoys
playing football. 
Add the correct form of the verb in brackets.

  1.  I miss __________ tennis with him.

2.  Jane wants __________  to Paris in April.  (go)

  3.  Her boss knew that she was pretending __________ ill. 

  4.  I don't feel like __________ today. 

  5.  He managed __________ the report before he went home. 

6.  We agreed __________ them. (help)

  7.  Good news!  I've given up __________ !

  8.  Do you fancy __________ to the cinema tonight?

  9.  I haven't finished __________ the newspaper yet.

  10.  I chose __________ instead of taking the car.

  11.  He promised __________  me a long letter.

  12.  I'd avoid __________ the Underground today, if I were you.

13.  He spent four years __________  round South America. (travel)

  14. We would love __________  dinner with you on Saturday
. (have)

15.  We can't risk __________  the later flight. (take)

16. "Where did you learn __________  the violin?"
    -  "My father taught me __________  . "
(play, play)

17.  The head teacher threatened __________  some of the students. (expel)

  18.  We weren't able to have our picnic as it kept __________  all day.


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Verb Patterns

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