Exercise 3:

Add the correct form of the verb in brackets.

  1.  Henry is upset that he didn't get promoted and is threatening __________ .

  2.  They narrowly avoided __________ the bus.

  3.  'Wise men say only fools rush in" are lyrics from Elvis's "Can't help ________ in love .

  4.  The restaurant is considering _________  a smoking ban.

  5.  Do you mind __________ the music a bit, we're trying to sleep. 
(turn down)

  6.  I hope __________ you soon.

  7.   Monica deserved ____________ her exam as she had studied very hard. 

  8.  Our teacher recommends ___________ English every day to broaden our vocabulary.

  9.   It's not worth ___________ about.  (worry)

  10.  We never expected __________ first prize. (win)

  11.  It's no use __________ to Margaret as she just refuses __________ .
(talk / listen)

  12.  Carrie and Dennis are so fond of Barcelona they keep __________  there.
(go back)

13.  Helen can't imagine __________ on her own.  (live)

  14.  Owen used __________ in a house with a garden but now he lives on a boat.

15.  I always brush my teeth before __________ to bed. (go)



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