Megan really deserved to get the job. She's looking forward to starting on Monday.
Add the correct form of the verb in brackets.   (Click here if you would like to review verb patterns before you test yourself.)

Exercise 1

  1.  Jen is livid* that she didn't get promoted and she's threatening _______________.

2.  Rafael dislikes _______________to work. He'd rather _______________the train.  (drive / take)

  3.  The restaurant is considering _______________ a no-smoking ban. 

  4.  Do you mind _______________ the children from school today? I have to go to the dentist.
(pick up)

  5.  I hope _______________ you soon.

6.  Our teacher is always telling us _______________  as much as possible to broaden our  vocabulary. (read)

  7.  Just forget it. It's not worth _______________ about.

  8.  It's no use _______________ to Lydia. She refuses _______________ .
(talk / listen)

Exercise 2

  1.  Maggie kept on _______________ even though she was exhausted.

  2.  They can't afford _______________ on holiday this year.

.  Let's _______________ a barbecue this weekend and _______________ some people over. (have / invite)

  4.  I fancy _______________ the new Denzil Washington film. Do you feel like _______________ with me?
(see / come)

5.  Kirsten finally managed _______________ her boss _______________ her a payrise. (persuade / give)

  6.  Henry pretended _______________  sick as he didn't want to go to school.

  7.  The icecream was so delicious I couldn't help _______________ the whole tub.
(finish off)

8.  Have you talked to Rob about _______________ the design of the website? (change)

* livid:  furious

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