Exercise 1

1.  The builders say they __________  the leaking roof by the weekend. (repair)

  2.  Hopefully the boss __________  all the candidates by 6.30.

  3.  The company __________  200, 000 bottles of cava before the end of the year.

  4.  Judy has promised her agent that by September she __________  the first three chapters of her new novel.

5.  Poor Harry!  If he doesn't get any sleep tonight, he __________ for almost three days!   (not / sleep)

Exercise 2

  1.  Next time you see me I __________ my driving test.

2.  By the end of the tour the band __________  in over 30 countries. (play)

We hope that by 4 o'clock this afternoon we __________  the contract on our new house. (sign)

4.  The director is confident that by December company profits __________ by more than 150%. (rise)

  5.  There's no point going to the cinema now.  The film __________ .
(already / start)


  Now You!  

  Name three things that you will have done by 9pm tomorrow.

   Examples: I'll have taken the dog to the vet's.  I'll have finished the translation I'm working on.  I'll have been to the gym.

   Name three things that you hope you will have done by the end of 2015

   Examples:  I'll have passed my driving test.  I'll have run a marathon. I'll have been to New York.

Future Continuous

  Full list of
grammar exercises on this website
Example:  In two month's time Cynthia and Karl will have been married for fifty years.
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