Fill the blanks with:
at, during, for, in, on, while

1.  It's Jack's birthday _______ Wednesday but we're going to celebrate it _______ the weekend.

2.  I fell asleep _______ I was at the cinema.

3.  I fell asleep _______ the film.  I was asleep _______ about twenty minutes!

4.  _______ the moment Dolores is studying for her finals.

5.  Debbie and Paul got married _______ 1996.

6.  I read some magazines _______ I was waiting to see the doctor.

7.  I've got to go the bank but I'll be back _______  ten minutes.

8.  Could you fetch the children from school ______ I prepare some tea?

9.  What are you doing _______ the weekend?

10.  Katie has been modelling _______ more than ten years.

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