Choose the right alternative

Exercise 1

1.  Amanda will get her birthday card in time, as long as / so long you send it today.

  2.  It looks
as although / as though it's going to rain.

  3.  Nina left work early f
or / so she could go to the dentist.

In addition / besides to a spacious apartment in Manhattan, the family owns a house in
   the South of Spain.

  5.  It was
so / such an awful film that many people left the cinema halfway through it.

  6.  They managed to win the match,
as a result / even though they played really badly.

  7.  Schools and businesses stayed open yesterday
despite / in spite the terrible weather.

  8.  Patrick did very well in most of his exams.
Although / However , he failed his German exam and will have to take it again in September.

Exercise 2

  1.  They are reducing bus and train fares
in order / so as to encourage more people to use public transport.

Since / Therefore we have got an hour until the plane leaves, let's go for a coffee.

Even so / Even though Pamela is still at school she's already a bestselling novelist.

  4.  You can use my laptop computer,
as long / provided you promise to take very good care of it.

  5.  Mrs Smith wants to go snorkelling in Florida this summer,
however / whereas Mr Smith wants to go and play golf in Scotland.

As / Though Julian had the necessary qualifications, he didn't get the job.

  7.  The photography exhibition was a great success in the United States. The organizers have decided,
so / therefore , to take the exhibition to the UK.

  8.  Studying a second language can be very good for your career.
As well as / Furthermore , it can introduce you to fascinating cultures.



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