Fill the gaps with the correct form of
make or do

1.  I can't __________ up my mind what to wear to the party!

2.  Next year I want __________ a graphic design course.

3.  The doctor suggested I __________ more sport.

4.   I think I've failed my chemistry exam - I __________ so many mistakes.

5.  We __________ an offer of $5,000 for the second-hand car.

6.   It wouldn't __________ any harm to try.

7.   Sophie has __________ an appointment to see the dentist.

8.   The news story has __________ a lot of damage to the pop star's reputation.

9.   We need __________ something about the leak in the roof.

10.  Your contribution to the charity will __________ a difference.

11.   Come on, __________ an effort, please!

12.   Tom __________ some scuba-diving when he was in the Caribbean


MAKE or DO?  (2)
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