ADJECTIVES:  Word Order before Nouns

  Exercise 1

  Place the adjectives before the noun in the most natural order.

Examples: a box  (round, small) - a small round box; a beach (long, sandy) - a long sandy beach

  1.  clouds  (big, grey)

  2.  a writer (German, well-known)
  3.  a table (glass, large, rectangular)

  4.   a mug (coffee, dirty)

  5.   weather (horrible, wet)

  6.   a tie (blue, silk)

  7.   a suitcase (brown, huge, leather)

  8.   a chalet (cosy, Swiss)

Exercise 2

  1.  a hat (pink, ridiculous, straw)

  2.  a tv series (new, superb)

  3.  a village (Alpine, little, pretty)

  4.  a doctor (Australian, good-looking, young)

  5.  a dessert (chocolate, delicious)

  6.  a film (delightful, Spanish)

  7.  a flat (London, spacious)

  8.  a statue (marble, small, white)

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