call off    cut off    doze off    go off

scare off    show off    tell off   turn off

Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs above.

1.  I missed my train to work this morning as my alarm clock didn't _______   _______ .

2.  I was so tired I _______   _______  during the movie and missed the end.

3.  Last year's outbreak of food poisoning at the hotel has ________   _______  many of its guests from returning this summer.

4.  Satisfied with the new pay offer, the workers have _______   _______  their strike.

5.  Don't forget to _______   ________  the TV before you go to bed.   You left it on last night.

6.  Kevin's boss _______  him  ________  for making so many phone private calls.

7.  Helicopters brought supplies to the town which had been  _______   _______  after a heavy snowstorm.

8.  Although Lizzy's by far the best athlete in the school she's very modest and doesn't _______   _______  about it.


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