blow out    carry out   hand out    let out

run out    take out   throw out   turn out

Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs above.

1.  It's advisable to _______   _______  insurance when going on holiday.

2.  Last weekend we did a spring clean and _______   _______  lots of junk we don't use anymore.

3.  Can you go to the supermarket and get some milk?  We've _______   _______ .

4.  In the high street they were _______   _______  fliers for the new disco.

5.  Everyone clapped and cheered as the birthday girl _______   _______  the candles on her birthday cake.

6.  As it had stopped raining I _______  the dogs _______  into the garden.

7.  The museum will be closed for a few days while they ________  _______  repairs to the roof.

8.  Although it was pouring with rain thousands  _______  _______  at Central Park for the free rock concert.


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