1.  The train
gets in at 7.45pm.

2.  She's going to ask her boss for a payrise as she doesn't have enough to
get by.

3.  Louise
gets on very well with her brothers.  They never argue.

4.  He was so busy that he didn't
get round to buying his wife a birthday present.

5.  I've been trying to ring my parents but I can't
get through.  The line's constantly engaged.

6.  We're going to New York on 20 December and we
get back on 7 January.

7.  Gary's very disappointed about breaking up with Lola but he'll
get over it.

8.  He wants to
get out of doing military service.

9.   The thieves
got away in a stolen red Audi.

10.  His attitude really
gets to me.  He thinks he knows everything!


More Phrasal Verb exercises

Grammar Exercises (
Business English, General English)
Read the examples in A and match the phrasal verbs with their definitions in B

a)  annoy

b)  arrive

c)  avoid (doing something)

d)  escape

e)  find the time to do something

f)  have a good relationship

g)  manage financially

h)  recover from

i)  return

j)  succeed in contacting somebody by phone

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