Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs above (remember! - in the correct form!)

1.  Emily's 84 and she feels a bit lonely sometimes.  However she's really __________   __________    __________  

    Saturday because her granddaughter Daisy is coming to stay.

2.   Police are __________    __________ the disappearance of confidential files from the law firm.

3.   Can I borrow your dictionary?  I need to __________    __________  the meaning of "scapegoat".

4.   Jack always __________   __________  Jill's cats when she goes away.

5.   The weatherman warned drivers to __________   __________  __________  ice on the roads.

6.   Heather's such a snob.  She's always __________   __________   ___________ other people.

7.   If you __________   __________   __________  somebody it means you respect and admire  them.

8.   Sorry I'm late.  I was ___________   __________  somewhere to park.


STUDY TIP:   Improve your knowledge of phrasal verbs by ....
1)  Doing plenty of
2)  Reading extensively (books and
3)  Watching lots of films with the subtitles in English, and
4)  Noting the ones your English teacher uses.

And remember! Be patient!  It's an area of English that takes a long time to master. Native English speakers never studied them, they learnt from life, from being exposed to them on a daily basis in conversation, in books, newspapers and on TV.
look after    look down on   look for    look forward to  

look into    look out for   look up    look up to
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