Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs from the box  (remember! - in the correct form!)

1.  Did the thunderstorm ________  you ________ last night?

2.  What do the initials GDP ________  ________

3.  Although I didn't have an appointment the doctor managed to ________  me ________.

4.  I must join a gym!  I've ________  ________ so much weight recently.

5.  While I was out shopping the other day, I __________  ________  a friend I hadn't seen for ages.

6.  The football match had to be ________  ________  because of the blizzard.

7.  It's a long drive to Zaragoza so we need to ________  ________ early.

8.  Kai ________  ________ three days a week at his local gym.


Mixed Phrasal Verbs (2)
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Key Business Phrasal Verbs

bump into     call off     fit in      put on 

set off      stand for     wake up      work out
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