Exercise 1

Complete the sentences with the correct relative pronoun:

eg. That's the restaurant where we celebrated my parents' wedding anniversary:

1.   He's the architect __________ designed that monstrosity in the city centre.

2.   She's the athlete __________ world record has never been beaten.

3.   Did anyone see  __________ happened?

4.   That's the church _________ we got married.

5.   Anyone __________ cheats in the exam will be punished.

6.   I can't stand people __________ drop litter.

7.   He's the writer __________ book has sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

8.   Everything __________ he says is a lie.

9.  That's the actor _________ I met at the disco the other night.

10.  The film was not at all ___________ I had expected.

b)  In which of the above sentences can the relative pronoun be left out?

  Exercise 2

Join the pairs of sentences to make one sentence. Use a relative pronoun only
  when necessary.


  I found the book.  I lost it last week.  
I found the book I lost last week.
That's the neighbour.  His dog is always barking.  That's the neighbour whose
  dog is always barking

1.  That's the TV series.  I was telling you about it yesterday.

2.  We stopped to help a couple.  Their car had broken down.

3.  It was my niece.  She suggested I try the new Indian restaurant on the high street.

4.  I'd love to go back to the art gallery.  We saw those superb Impressionist paintings there.

5.  She didn't get the job.  She applied for it a few weeks ago.

6.  What's the name of that actor?  He starred in 'When Harry Met Sally'.