Put the verbs in the following sentences into (a) the negative (b) the interrogative
  Note:  ALL the verbs are

Example:  She flew to Moscow. 

  (a)  She didn't fly to Moscow.   (b)  Did she fly to Moscow?

1.  They sold their house.
2.  He met Carol last spring.
3.  She took the dog for a walk.
4.  Mrs Campbell taught science.
5.  They spent the whole afternoon on the beach.
6.  The trip was expensive.
7.  Bridget sent him an email.
8.  He heard the bell.
9.  They forgave him.
10.  She fell down the stairs.
11.  She felt sick.
12.  He had the flu.
13.  We chose Venice for our honeymoon.
14.  Liz knew the answer.
15.  Gary lent her fifty euros.
16.  The dog bit Anne.
17.  Paula paid the bill.
18.  The boat hit the rocks.
19.  The boat sank.
20.  Oscar hid the love letter.
21.  Brian wore his new suit to the interview.
22.  Nicola quit her awful job.
23.  He spilt coffee all over his computer.
24.  She stuck the poster on the wall.
25.  Her parents let her go to the party.
26.  They sought advice from a lawyer.
27.  Her new sweater shrank in the wash.
28.  Kerry was born in Dublin.
29.  Jack tore the letter in two.
30.  He laid the table.


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