1.  They have been ringing the bell.
2.  I have been asking for help.
3.  Have you been studying for the exam?
4.  He has been painting the ceiling.
5.  Has she been working all night?
6.  Have you been taking photos?
7.  They have been washing the car.
8.  She has been learning French at school.
9.  Has he been listening to the radio?
10.  I have been trying to phone all afternoon.
11.  She has been writing her autobiography.
12.  Has he been driving for over five hours?
13.  We have been looking for the keys everywhere.
14.  He has been having problems with his car.
15.  The sun has been shining.
16.  You have been eating the leftovers from the party.
17.  Have we been making too much noise?
18.  We have been researching the illness.
19.  Have they been giving free concerts?
20.  Have I been complaining too much?
21.  She has been thinking about the future.
22.  We have been considering buying a new house.
23.  Has he been visiting his relatives?
24.  She has been going to the beach every day.
25.  They have been flying for sixteen hours.
26.  I have been writing loads of emails.
27.  Has she been sunbathing on the patio?
28.  Have you been using my car without asking?
29.  We have been laughing so much.
30.  Has it been snowing all night?

IRREGULAR VERB DRILLS (2):  Past Simple and Present Perfect Simple