Complete the sentences so that the meaning is similar to the first sentence.


  I hope the bank will lend me a thousand pounds.
I want the bank to lend me a thousand pounds. *

We were surprised that Manchester United lost the match.
We didn't expect Manchester United to lose the match. *

1.  We would be very happy if you came on holiday with us.
     We would love _________________________

2.   Kevin said that I could ride his horse.
      Kevin allowed _________________________

3.   I was surprised that the bill was so expensive.
      I didn't expect _________________________

4.   Don't let me forget to buy some more milk.
      Remind _________________________

5.   Jennifer hopes her boss will give her a payrise.
      Jennifer wants __________________________

6.   George said to me "Please don't worry".
      George told _________________________

7.   Dad said I must not go on my boyfriend's motorbike.
      Dad forbid ___________________________

8.   Shirley gave him singing lessons.
      Shirley taught _________________________


Verb + Object + Infinitive (2);  Verb + Preposition (1), Verb + Preposition (2)

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Spanish speakers often make this mistake when they try to
  translate directly word for word:
I want that the bank lends me....
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