Using the verb + object + infinitive pattern, complete the sentences so that the meaning is similar to the first sentence.


  I hope the bank will lend me a thousand pounds.
I want the bank to lend me a thousand pounds. *

We were surprised that Manchester United lost the match.
We didnīt expect Manchester United to lose the match. *

1.  Don't let me forget to pay the gas bill.
      Remind  _________________________ .

2.  "Can you help me carry my bag?" the little old woman asked me.
      The little old woman asked _________________________ .

3.  Their parents said that they couldn't go to the concert.
      Their parents didn't allow  _________________________ .

4.  Luke hopes Brazil won't win the next World Cup.
      Luke doesn't want  _________________________ .

5.  Ian's doctor said that he shouldn't drink so much.
      Ian's doctor warned  __________________________ .

6.  We were suprised that he was given the job.
      We didn't expect  _________________________ .

7.  At first I wasn't interested in going skiing but then Wilson persuaded me.
      Wilson persuaded ___________________________ .

8.  She was told that she shouldn't go swimming for the next week.
      She was warned  _________________________ .

9.  "The company must pay 300,000 Euros in damages," said the judge.
      The judge ordered _________________________ .

10.  "Could you give a speech at our university?" the students asked me.
       They invited _________________________ .


Verb + Object + Infinitive (1)Verb + Preposition (1), Verb + Preposition (2)
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