Exercise 1.  (More verb + preposition tests)

Write in the correct preposition. Sometimes no preposition is needed !  (-)

1.  I can't find my wallet.  Can you help me look _______ it?

2.  Joanna prefers classical music _______ pop.

3.  We're hoping to have a barbecue tomorrow.  It depends _______ the weather.

4.  If you're going to be late, phone _______ me.

5.  Tim explained _______ the film crew what they had to do.

6.   Annie applied _______ the BBC _______ a job as a radio presenter.

7.  I can't go out yet, I'm waiting _______ a phone call.

8.  When I saw Derek, I congratulated _______ him _______ his promotion.

9.  Helen is a lawyer.  She specialises _______ environmental law.

10.   Terence is going to ask _______ his boss _______ a payrise.
Exercise 2.

1.  I must write ______ my aunt and thank _______ her _______ the present.

2.  You should apologise ________  your behaviour.

3.  The journalist asked _______ the actor about his latest role.

4.  What time do you normally leave _______ the office in the evening?

5.  This song reminds me _______  last summer.

6.  At the summit the politicians discussed _______ globalisation.

7.  Melanie just can't stop talking _______ her new car!

8.  How much money do you spend _______ cigarettes every month?

9.  The teacher split the class  _______ four groups.

10.  Could you look _______ our dogs while we're away?


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