The adjectives on the right are all synonyms except for one.  Underline the word which doesn't fit.

Example:   EXPENSIVE:  charming, costly, dear, pricey

Exercise 1:

  1.  BRAVE:  courageous, fearless, heroic, unselfish

  2.  CRAZY:  deranged, insane, nuts (inf.), tedious

  3.  DELICIOUS:  appetizing, enchanting, mouthwatering, tasty

  4.  FAKE:  counterfeit, dingy, forged, phoney (inf.)

  5.  NASTY:  lazy, malicious, mean, spiteful

  6.  NERVOUS:  agile, anxious, jumpy, on edge

  7.  PREJUDICED:  biased, bigoted, naive, partisan

  8.  RICH:  loaded (inf.), skint (inf.),  wealthy, well-off
1.2   ADJECTIVE SYNONYMS:  Odd One Out (1)
Exercise 2:

1.  AMAZING:  astonishing, astounding, gifted, remarkable

  2.  ESSENTIAL:  crucial, devious, indispensable, vital

  3.  ILLEGAL:  illicit, scarce, unauthorized, unlawful

  4.  INTELLIGENT:  brainy, clever, smart, thoughtful

  5.  SAD:  cautious, depressed, down, low

  6.  SCEPTICAL:  mistrustful, suspicious, trustworthy, unconvinced

  7.  SENSITIVE:  impressionable, receptive, susceptible, witty

  8.  SUPERB:  lousy (inf.), marvellous, terrific, wonderful

  9.  WARM:  friendly, affectionate, proud, sympathetic


  Adjective plus preposition:
Exercise 1; Exercise 2
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